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Master Packs (240 pods)

Master Pack of CBD Coffee

4 cases (24 boxes), 10 pods per box, total of 240 pods.
Choose light, medium or dark roast, and find out if changing your coffee could change your life for the better. Each Flower Power Coffee™ blend starts with premium artisan roasted beans from the legendary regions of Central and Latin America. Then, we add a full 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD to each pod using our unique process that ensures it all gets into your mug to ensure that you enjoy all of its healthful benefits. That's what makes it the best CBD coffee on the market. The result is a rich, satisfying cup of coffee that fulfills its promises in every last drop. Our coffee isn’t magic. The way it makes you feel is.


46% more coffee per pod than other popular brands*

Compatible with all K-Cup brewers

A full 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD per brewed cup

All the physical and emotional benefits of CBD